Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Under the Night Sky

by Sarah E. White

The giant sky of night
Mocks me from its vantage point
With its deep dark depths of eternity
Leaving me wondering so many things
Questions I can’t even form
Questions that I have yet to learn the words too
The evening sky is vast
And it sits patiently waiting
With answers that have been a million years in the making
Waiting for me to sit here
So far below it
Sunken in the rut of humanity
At last somehow I find the words
To form the thought
The question
Giant stars shining brightly upon me
Stars who have long since met their demise
But still possessing all knowledge in the infinite depths of night
I am lucky to gaze on them before their last twinkling
But before they wink out never to shine again
They pass on to me a part of their hidden secrets
Their light then passes to me
I suddenly find that clarity I had been searching for
It is finally in my grasp
Dispelling the darkness in my mind
Casting its glow on me here
All becomes illuminated under the giant sky of night

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