Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soul Star

by Raymond Keen

Why would I
not sing to you
in tears of
vermillion fire?
Sing the fires of blue flame,
sing the rage of form.
For these words
no location,
in the blood-red
depths of an apple-green
Yes, yes your azure eyes
speak mine.
You breathe Bordeaux.
Your body is a rainbow
in this gunmetal world.
Heather me, feather me
in this gunmetal world.
Your seraphic soul
a star sapphire,
your roots a verdant green.
Awaken me
you do
in this
most pale night.
You cry out in me.


  1. This poem captures the deep beauty of Jung's anima. A man's "gunmetal world" is on the brink of redemption by the feminine's glorious presence inside his very own soul. Extraordinary poem.

  2. How lucky is the woman who is the subject of this delightful poem! Doesn't every woman want to be regarded in this way?