Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crossing of Commons

by Anastasia Placido

We are floating through these goodbye days
Bewildered by times' theft
Finding generosity inside ourselves that
we never knew was there
Surprised by how strong these bonds have become
We weren't paying attention when they were forming
We were caught up in the creation.
The elation of molding a memory
a connection
each chain is our collection that we tug around
We only remember its weight when it comes to this:
A stepping off point
a fork-in-the-road
A gigantic
where we deeply inhale the smell
of the exhilarating unknown.

So we say these painful au revoirs
Not forever
just for now
Because we know we will always come back
come back to this
A crossing of commons.
Where we know time stops
and everything else begins.

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