Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Girls are Cats and Guys are Dogs

by Chris Butler

Girls are pets.
Guys are wild.

Girls are pussies.
Guys are bastards.

Girls are named after Egyptian queens and cuddly things.
Guys are called whatever four letter word is hollered.

Girls live in an alley.
Guys reside in the doghouse.

Girls lick themselves clean.
Guys gnaw on their crotch.

Girls purr.
Guys pant.

Girls are fixed from littering kittens.
Guys are neutered to serve their owners.

Girls play with their prey.
Guys chase furry tail.

Girls squat in a box and bury their dirty secrets in the sand.
Guys piss on the perfect tree.

Girls climb atop the perfect tree.
Guys dig up dirty secrets.

Girls hiss.
Guys bark.

Girls are diseased by rabies.
Guys acquire cat scratch fever.

Girls have nine lives.
Guys die seven years at a time.

Girls become the victims of neighborhood sadists.
Guys get hit by a truck.

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