Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sleepless Revelations

by April A.

The news has said it's getting better,
But who on Earth believes in it?
Now, when all dreams are bound to shatter,
I laugh at such a lame deceit.

And I don't care this place is dying
Beneath my own fallen sky.
It is your life that I'm denying,
As you have taken mine awry.

I tell myself that spring is near,
But April never comes alone.
It takes me back to vanished years,
It brings the memories, once gone.

My hopes are buried in despair,
As sleeplessness has made me think.
And thoughts do always lead right where
The truth is dwelling. Chances shrink.

I've drawn a land of endless silence,
But certainly, I've failed to flee.
This place of never-ending violence
Will kill me, won't lose touch with me.

The laws of heart are my salvation,
Yet I can never get enough
Of unforgettable sensations.
I'm still alive just due to love.

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