Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

David Letterman in Korea

by Jeffrey Miller

My first night in Korea—
fourteen hours from Chicago
halfway around the world.
It’s tomorrow, but it still
feels like yesterday.

My luggage never made it.
It’s somewhere between
Seoul and Chicago.

I’ve been wearing
the same underwear
for two days.

Outside it’s cool and
foggy that adds a bit of
mystique to the adventure
I’ve embarked upon.

Loaded up in a van
and taken to my apartment—
just down the street
from Olympic Stadium.

It’s a western-style apartment
furnished and the refrigerator
stocked with Coca Cola, eggs,
and Digestive Crackers—these
Graham Cracker-looking cookies
coated with chocolate.
Gee, I hope so.

I turn on the TV—
David Letterman is aglow
courtesy of Armed Forces
Radio and Television.
Just in time for his nightly
Top Ten List.

Although jet-lagged
I’m too pumped up to sleep
and instead watch Dave,
drink some Coke
have some of those
Digestive Crackers
and wonder
if I am going to like it here.


  1. This is much different than "Puddle Jumpers”…

    I can feel your perceptions, which [once upon a time] get back to envelope your heart with strange castaway’s emotions.
    Fresh and timeless even if maybe the title does help to fix into the memories the year in which you used to arrive there form your far away country.
    It could be a good prose, believe me, some time people are interested into diaries!
    Was nice reading you, again… and I’ll fellow you along your poetic journey!
    Claudine Giovannoni

  2. I like this alot.. has the feel of a Buk poem.. reality in poetic form.. this is really well written

  3. Thanks so much for your kind comments Claudine and Lynne.

    A Bukowski poem, huh? I am honored.