Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Monday, July 5, 2010


by Ben Nardolilli

If it helps,
You are not alone,
Not dangling,
Not smothered,
Not drowning with no one on shore,
There is a shore,
And there are others,
Some will care,
Some will not,
But the ones who ignore you,
Will still have to make the choice,
No one is so blind,
But once they pull you out,
You cannot be blind either,
You and they are in this together,
Whatever business life brings,
You share between you,
It is best to hold hands then,
Hands can make nets and walls at will,
A single body is good for an island
And although islands have a place
In slowing down the stream,
Islands are loved for helping others,
For recognizing you, you must recognize them,
You have eyes for them as much
As they have eyes for you,
We are all sensing the vibrations
Of this spinning world and the hum of stars,
Without community,
There are just fragments, a heap at most,
Come together and talk, write, scratch, and sing,
Life is all shadows in solitude,
Trust me,
It all makes sense
But only in one direction at a time.

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