Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Friday, January 3, 2014

Who Needs A Nap?

by Jack Mahoney, age 3,
as overheard by Grandpa

Who needs a nap?
Not me. I just got up.
I don't need a nap.
I need two hot dogs,
lots of chips,
and a big cup
of hot cocoa
and then I'll go out
in the snow with my
sled and slide down
McCarthy's driveway
before he gets home.
He's a cop, you know,
and the last time
he said I should stay
off his driveway.
Glad you were with me.
So no nap for me.
I'm ready to go.
Hot dogs, chips,
a cup of hot cocoa
and I'll get my sled
and my ear muffs.
It's 2014. I'm
another year older
and ready to go.
So if you wanna come,
that's okay with me.
McCarthy likes you
but maybe
not so much me.

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