Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gin Stump Shovel

by John Pursch
Glassy knots offer holistic socket pumps to rolling pardoned casualties of soaring selfless gorgon wharf repeater glaze, spotting helpless elms in dirty handheld sofa lace, pleating grass to softly humping shrouds of leather alabaster waves.

Handle me roughly, hordes of rainy grime, in fields beyond a stupefying lea, framed with seasoned lip-sync joy of perforating wheeze within a shell-shocked disembodied huckster’s frozen knuckle handball dipstick.

Flooding flounder vitiate a vitriolic capstone’s cooly capsized dashboard pew, spawned to rototiller gravity in pending situational deflection breath, mingling hourly with showy veteran memories.

Blankets frosted, hokey septum, itchy hairball mastodons, in prowling fuel tank sympathy, exposed to hogtied elements of periodic waistline hustle, pinned to dank edition daughter linkage, pawning earless hoopster cocoa to Prussian armature shakers, bending decks for fidgety throw rugs…

Goners whale Nefertiti’s canoe to flail in questioning disgrace, disheveled hounds dismantled in babble floor crime sensation prayers. You still pick athletic star charts, framing rump house cortex meals for gin stump shovel hoops, cheering on courageous middlemen to minute-munching domicile creation, trenching adroitly.

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