Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Miracle Lotion

by Joan McNerney

This can erase years from your face,
cover blemishes, sun spots, crow's feet.
You will glow in the dark capturing
hearts, especially those of rich men.

Now you can procure a position of
prestige with a blue chip company.
You are to be admired by all, heads
turning whenever you enter a room.

Coarse dry skin can become
softer than angel wings.
The alluring scent of this balm
enraptures legions of admirers.

Old friends will stare at a new you.
Baffled, they ask if you had surgery.
With a smug but unwrinkled smile,
you point to your precious ointment.

Years of time, grime and slime
magically erased.  See dramatic
transformation as you stand transfixed
by that glowing beauty in the mirror.

Envision flying down boulevards,
patronizing haute fashion shops, driving
cadillacs...all this and more from the
Miracle Creme now at a new low price.

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