Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Letter Codes

by Michael Cluff

M believes C does not exist
as indicated at meetings
they both attend.
But if A, G and S even burp,
the ground they walk
is defied by M,
who just happens to be
her BFFs.
And when N turned
in his report a bit late,
M wanted to place "L"
on his brow a la
"The Scarlet Letter."
T turns away from it all
while E goes silent
since R and U refuse to ask
D whittles his toothpick
into the shape of Idaho
and K is special
as always.
Which reminds I,
O and U
fees are due
but J and O
as a team
refuse the slimy
strong- arm tactics
of WXY
and the terminator
M in the middle
employs to reinforce
to keep and M and H
and P
in line.

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