Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, January 23, 2014


by Michael Cluff

C feels L is dissing her
that AEIOU is supporting him
the five always a unit
apart of the other twenty-one.
S is a proponent of C
which D cannot balance
even when M defected from D's influence.

C wants to xxx with J,
not I
but B and G,
off-putting all involved.
L recently ditched MNOP-
too much of a polysyllabic crew
until O became her own entity
before Y was to replace her
making a new quintet
While Q watches U
and never questions Y.

Z ends the row before F
fails to fulfill his potential
to lead P back to C
as their society
holds they all should be
excepting B, T, E and V
and DMZs
will evermore remain
at the back end
of sequential rows.

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