Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Poor, yours and defined

by Poulome Mitra Shaw

I want to meet you over heartbreaks
When your eyes will caress the purple rings under mine,
I want to meet you across closed doors
When we just have memories spilled across the sides,
I want to meet you over your crumbling years
We won't have our passionate denials,
I want to meet you over some infidelities
I will dissolve myself in contained deities with my religion tr...aversed.
I want to meet you over fun, frolic and picnics
I can be wary of your eyes following me in weightless love
I want to meet you in insomnia
In silent darkness, on a pink bedspread, in timeless connival of moist cocoa butter
seething restless on my misty skin
I want to meet you when you walk away
When I go prophetic to deny my blinding fears
I want to meet you in a cemetery, exhausted over bodiless souls
Who knows, you may descend to the memoirs on the pungent smell
You may return to the madness of love and life
I want to meet you in hospital beds
My last wounds will birth you in healing.
I want to meet at the church then
To belong and to be your bride.
Dressed in all that finery of convictions
Rich, poor, yours and defined.


  1. A poet in the horizon...seeds bursting..will write better in the days ahead. One suggestion to this poet: write what pokes your heart, what incubates for long. Publishing poems is easy these days. We want poems which refuse to leave us. Best wishes.

  2. Replies
    1. And Sorry Amitabh da I didn't send in my piece for the Delhi Anthology. I will certainly do it for your next one.

  3. Poulome your poetic rendition is simply mind-blowing!!
    Although it looks easy and easygoing.... in reality it is a verbal painting of tears and blood...
    That is exactly what I feel when I read your work of Art! It evokes a pain of some undeniable facts of life..
    .I simply love your Art!!

  4. Dear Poulome - getting a poem published in Camel Saloon is no mean feat. This is a good poem, it touches my heart and it won't leave me. I can see that these feelings have been there in your heart for a long time and have come forth as good poetry. Thanks for letting me enjoy it.

  5. Thank you Dr Koshy. Honoured.

  6. Dear Poulome
    Great writing of unrequited love. Why the camels?

  7. It's not elephant saloon that's why!
    Thanks :P

  8. Beautiful and heartfelt.Has Poulome stamped all over its rich images. Very well written