Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pot Of Gold

by Paul Tristram

Sometimes it is the little things
that stop you from going completely mad.
A pleasant distraction for five minutes.
I have a bowl with 2 goldfish in
and they have distracted me
from the shadow once again.
(I am starting to understand
old women and their cats)
I live in a rented room
with a shared toilet
and shower down the hallway.
It is not ideal but it will do for now.
Like my pot of gold it is a start,
the first step of a life plan.
Those 2 fish will grow with me,
next comes a one bedroom flat
with my own toilet and bath
and my pot of gold will turn into
an aquarium of gold.
Then comes my two bedroom cottage
with a garden pond full of gold.
But right now it is a start,
a golden distraction, a focus and a plan,
a room and a bowl to begin with.

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