Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Friday, April 1, 2011

Still Me

by Karen Ostrom

I wish I could reveal to you
The inner workings of my mind
Could you see my hidden thoughts?
My desires, fears that I lock away
Why do I tremble, am I not still me?
Perhaps I no longer dance till three A.M
But that doesn’t mean I no longer dance
Maybe I have no one to walk hand in hand with
The memory of his touch, I can still feel
The burning hues of the setting sun in summer
Still captivates me though I watch it alone
Ghost of yesterday haunts my waking hour
I still see his face when I pass by the mirror
We thought time was endless, something to laugh at
Why do you refuse to see the person I was, is still me?
Like a picture ripped in two, one half tossed away
The life I face is now a solitary one, my shadow gone
Convincing others of my existence is futile
When I’m not finished proving to myself who I am

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