Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, April 14, 2011


by Amit Parmessur

Your sunglasses tucked in your wavy hair,
your gracious elbows resting on the table,
you look almost like a modern Mona Lisa,
except that your smile is more charming.

The river of beauty flows in you.
Behold! Behind you the young coconut trees
look like excited fireworks in
brown, yellow and tender green sparks,
celebrating your rustic beauty.

Your veins are the strings of a calm guitar.
Having met misery and life’s dark demons,
you seem now ready to enjoy
long hours of luck and eternal joy,
just like any other pretty woman.

Your cheeks want to move like a merry piano.
And it’s good that the painting does
not show your feet; now you
just cannot run away.
So, live in this prison of delight!

God made you with very special hands.
Take care of your heartbeats.

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