Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Guitarra Señorita

by Amit Parmessur

Your hair is so intoxicated in inspiration
that it has fallen all over your left eye.
I can see the golden guitar in your face;
I can see your fantastic face in the guitar.

There are so many mad musical notes sparkling
and waltzing all along your beautiful brown hair,
without your permission. There’s a simple
dream in your right eye too but
I know that you’ve learnt life’s not a simple song.

On your innocent cheeks the scars
of past tears and sufferings are still visible,
but now your melodious smile is flourishing
smoothly, making you a better woman.

Always be as melodic and strong
as your Taurus guitar, poetic Señorita.

Above your head it’s blue paradise, see,
full of pretty little windows to choose from.
Whatever window you choose you’ll
meet your dreams, and your scars will smile.

Your sealed lips covered in pale pink lipstick
are singing so many songs nowadays— let me
hear you a bit tonight, before you start dreaming,
charming Guitarra Señorita.

Remember, many men would love to be the
lucky chain that you have around your tender neck,
without your permission.

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