Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, April 28, 2011


by Richard Hartwell

From booze to books and drugs to dragons,
The yin and yang of life explodes the myth
That we are what we plan to be.

No one plans to be an alcoholic.
No one plans to be a drug addict.
But the admixture of alcohol and opium
May open an unseen path to enlightenment.
The balance of what was and what is creates what will be.
You may turn aside on the path
Thinking you strike in a new direction,
You may halt in your tracks and refuse to advance further,
However, there is no turning back on your path.
The light and the dark of your self-reflection,
The good and bad of personal choices,
The calms and storms of life --

All these are merged into the days and nights of the journey
That becomes your autobiography.

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