Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Belle on Soft Belly

by Amit Parmessur

Your smooth body lying on the smooth lawn
Stunning brown eyes looking for a safe horizon
You look like a belle flying in the green sky.

There’re fierce flames burning in your calm heart.
Your lovely navel kissing the grass in melody,
Your village hair caressing your sunny sweet back,

Your soft hips badly need their purity again.
O Bella, I know you love my poetic words.
Let your ears hear me; this world will see your beauty.

Don’t ever fall on your belly in times of despair—
Remember, your fine feet want to dance in heaven
And winds of happiness want to kiss your lips,

I’m sure, the wings of my poetry will help you
take off;
So fly, run, swim, laugh and just be your beautiful
Let’s weave some real magic in this mysterious life.

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