Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, May 22, 2014


by John McKernan

Like to pitch glass crack pipes
on a pile of rocks by the long dock

Will sniff then pour out half a fifth
of tequila or vodka   The good stuff

down the drain of a kitchen sink
then fill it back with their own urine

They know how to put it back right
in the shadow on the neon counter

Needles can be bent or dipped in
cat droppings   Right    Folks sneeze all

the time at the wrong time staring
at nine hundred dollars lying on

a blue plastic plate in lines of coke
One specialty is accidents

A crowbar or a long lead pipe
duct taped over thick insulating

styrofoam across the side of your
ribs    Like to be never forget

People get killed all the time   Right
Now if you listen close you won't

know what you're hearing   The sound
of someone’s ankle twisting or the sound

of  a nine millimeter going off in fire works
I call out Friends whenever I see them

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