Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Endless Connection

by Denny E. Marshall

Lifeless and desolate
Empty dust covered sphere
Words used to describe
The satellite around us
The moon is not dead
Since it creates life
Imagine the oceans
Without their friend
How many creatures
Would starve or die
Without the crater wonder
Scientist now know
From watching from space
That the whole world
Is connected in some way
Ice, water, land, and sky
Seas both deep and swallow
North Pole and South Pole
All corners play a part
Although they left out
The moon and planets
The space between
Even further out
No reason to think
That the linkage
Would stop or end
Above the atmosphere
Follow the long pathways
Abundant untouched trails
All the way back
To the immense universe

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