Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, May 8, 2014


by Will Monigold

Spike is a cat that
Wants more than I
Can give, but I
Love him. I
Don’t think He sees it
That way. The guy at the
Seven Eleven, Solomon,
Who sells Me cigarettes
Is from Gambia. He
Taught me How to
Say hello in his
Language; “Nanadif.” He
Seems pleased that I
Make the effort and I
Am pleased he came all
The way from Gambia to
Teach me, although I
Don’t think he sees it that
Way. Salmon, doesn’t judge
Me when I buy cigarettes like
They do at the supermarket, but
They don’t realize I am going
To die of other things long
Before cancer kills me. I
Don’t think they see it that
Way. Spike circles my
Legs and rubs hard. I
Reach down and scratch
His chin and tell him I
Love him.

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