Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Solitude Of The Silversmith

by Paul Tristram

He strains away diligently
by candle and moonlight
in the cobwebbed quietude
of his attic workroom.
Back arched and spectacle nosed
the stamina of an army
expertly directed upon
a single point of focus.
Tiny slivers of moonbeams
confetti fell upon his bench
twist, spiral, spin and dance
as breathing changes pitch.
The backbone breaking posture
of the will targeted upon itself.
The fight between
the artist and ones craft.
The agony and ecstasy
as each brush stroke of the file
paints a picture perfect
striding another high to climb.
The tunnel-visioned stamina
with unique flourish intertwined
is why this master craftsman
remains also a pupil
for he is still learning all the time.

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