Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bahama Penpal

by John Pursch

Penelope she love to cauterize foolish gerbil breath, straight from hierarchical effusion of hometown elders, spittle sizzling between trotting wreaths in old-time eulogy for punctual sameness and canned accretion’s junkyard deterrent filth. 

She waddle down country room’s stereotypical malaise, feebly humbling dateline injector with aerosol acclivity’s acclamation: “Hayseed O’Reilly in autumnal glaze of greater coattail surprise! How comes ye to venerated toolbox quotation pith, wristing balky butt shingle past pulled-off shirt stopper? Wan yankers lust for bubble-headed phasing fall, wishing whole extra basement boxcar brothel coulda culled a barracuda’s lagoon snap hot dog from penal traceries in knee sock profusion.”

Bahama Matt trolls up in cyclical scattershot whack motif, grieving overhead loops of thundering slyness, famed for trauma pajamas in a Youstun flea bag. “Infested traitor rap emerge you parasitic flatfoot degradation myth, tarrying lewd Penpal,” he swallows bitter unguent from sandbar deluxe inveigling kit.

“Wad ye goiter goner getting’ me waypoint stew, Bland Hambone Mutt? Aye-eye, surly ask a skewin’ skewer fur trample, chest ye sorely err! Spay haughty my wheeze, hefty canoe wad’s goober far ya,” Penelope admonishes the swaying mastiff.

“Oh, the landlocked rabble hast mulch to lurch, spatial flaunt the legs homey,” Matt replicates in singular derision. “A freighter’s none lunger brewing; hat’s furling awning  noun!”

“Exultant hover joyous peduncular venomous dry goods, shooting callously drown tease ivory Terran Hoax alleyways, slides aweigh in cumin drop solution quaff,” she sidles on black, gifting hem broth apparel in doubtful foreskin overload.

Bahama tucks and rolls to ashcan repeater breech, furnishing zippity dew line concordance to the blackout. Phrased daze emote from gaseous galoot recordings, waxing entire city blog blackened toothy laughter soldered to holstered revolution’s eternal yell: “Wahooooo!!!”

Leggy wolves immerse in newbie forest stranger gearshift nodule sweat, flexed in six-shooter wingspan, hover black on thermal carousel of cobalt sky insecticide, halting rodent entrails in tracked fever. Gecko freezes time roulette on brick wall counter lapse, dancing stillness shifting mobile climes in distant dairy steam proclivity for wasted gash sojourn.

Penpal reloads from loafer brood, slaking chorus meows down diagonal hose aspersion, shaken to filial beat relief. “Bete noire, conjuring hep raptor from skied lime, witty outer Piltdown dumpling of a building in situ.”

“Wed, coupled mints frame yo-yo palace?” Behemoth Mutt he’s shamed wattage, habitual surmise, tabby sorely.

“Wheedle, haven icon seize a monument, spatially wand hit’s bane plushly posh, sewn direly endured the hardened soil of tea time operations. Chary isthmus attic forelocks may fuel hand my species, pet aisle stall espy putative botulism hand adore it,” she tumbles on, sledding town-to-downy hairline.

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