Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Civilizing Billy

by Wayne Scheer

As a small child, Billy was a terror.

Even before he could walk, if his parents tried keeping him in a playpen, he’d rage against his confinement as if some primordial urge demanded his freedom.

But Billy wasn’t a bad child. As long as he wasn’t restrained, he seemed happy and well adjusted.

That is, until he started school.

Billy’s kindergarten teacher believed her order was more important than his.

Billy’s parents counseled him to the ways of the world.

“The more you do as you’re told,” they taught their son. “The more freedom you’re given.”

Billy learned well.

He obeyed his teachers and they allowed him certain latitude. He did what his employers expected and they left him alone.

Billy grew to be William H. Lowery and earned a great deal of money, thus affording him his freedom.

Approaching retirement, William wondered what to do with his freedom.

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