Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, October 3, 2013

rain dancer

by Linda M. Crate

i remember when we looped arms
through walmart
the glances people would give us
i never cared
wish we would have said shove it
and forgot propriety in public
because i would have kissed you in front
of the whole world, i wouldn't have
cared because i loved you that much
i see kissing couples all the time
and i feel surges of jealousy
running through my veins
as i think of you with her because even after
all the heartache and drama you've
shoved me through, i still think it should be me
you're kissing;
i can never forget you,
how is it that you so easily cast me aside?
i would have done anything for you
given you the whole world
should you have made that behest
you say she completes you,
but you completed me -
so what do i do now? i've tried moving on,
but none of the guys i like
like me;
they all stare at me like i'm some damaged
artifact, as if in giving you my virginity
i'm just garbage
or luggage they want to forget at the
airport -
and i just stand here with all this longing in my legs
wanting someone to understand that
my passionate love wouldn't
have to consume them
if they'd just romance me with the same passion as i
did them,
but i guess something must have marked me
forever your girl
because none of them even look my way
burned the necklace and ring you
gave me,
but still your name is etched into me
some invisible ink
i cannot wash off not even if i dance wildly
like you in the rain.

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