Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

love letters

by Linda M. Crate

autumn dances colors into my eyes
vibrant yellows, oranges, and
dispersing the darkness
of grey, despondent clouds brushing
a cool ocean of breeze
my hair into the wind;
blowing leaves into
my arms
love letters that aren't mine to answer —
i wonder if i were someone's
dream once
forgotten and abandoned
three pomegranate seeds too bitter
to swallow,
and left behind to burn in slow
until they were all but forgotten;
wish i could remember
how the other part
of my
walked and talked and looked
i bet he looks like autumn
tastes like cider on my tongue, draws out
my words so i can paint fire
into stars.


  1. ...someone should publish a book of Ms. Crate's Love Poems, so all abandoned lovers can carry the bound-text across the Bridge to this solitary Cafe where we pass our days dreaming of The-World-that-Was - this World-to-Come? What about it, Russell?

    1. wretchedEarth, I'm so very flattered by this suggestion. Thank you for being a constant supporter of my work, I truly appreciate it!