Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Road

by Nick Hatch and Tom Hatch

It was an early day at the farm
and I decided to wake up before the sun
as I had a long walk ahead of me.
Rubbing my eyes and wiping the “sand”
Off my face, I joked to myself that
Mr. Sand Man had visited.
I leaned forward and looked
out my bed-side window,
noticed the heavy mist in the dawn
That was densely packed in.
Because of it I couldn’t see more than 20 feet
As the sun lightened the morning
I hopped up and touched my toes
and did a little jig,
just to get my blood flowing.
I slipped my shoes out from
under my bed, placed them off
to the side and got dressed.
I didn’t have my favorite
dark green shirt so instead
I grabbed the long-sleeved black and orange
"Princeton” labeled shirt.
Given to me with high expectations
Some sort of "birthright" shit
I didn’t think it would be
much worse to wear it
Expectations or not
as it was wet and cold
Outside for that matter.
Once I slipped that on,
I grabbed some clean underwear and
socks…then put on a pair of traditional
Levi blue jeans, same thing everyday
I said with a sigh. And, yeah…
If you didn’t already get the picture
my family always
Has plenty of pressure on me.
I slipped my shoes on and walked
outside to look at my road that
I had to walk down is pretty creepy.