Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The secret garden

by Reena Prasad

 The scents and sounds talk to me
 I walk hushing my pollen-dotted anklets
 a butterfly among the black bees
 the search elusive, a garden unknown
 trepidation in every flutter
 the message brought by the wind
 safely hidden in my folded wings
 I can reciprocate but not in this Eden
 do not acknowledge my invisible rustles
 A bumbling bee's eager overture
 may be a lethal slip today
 blow my dust around, but within your self
 admonish your fingers, just do not touch -
 breathe in the beauty of silence,
 the joy of unsaid thought
 for the sake of a flitting love
 be a mute witness today.


  1. Excellent imagery...beautiful poem...

  2. Excellent poem
    Favorite line Be a mute witness today

    Pollen dotted ankles very visual.

    You have alot of poems on here will comment on others. Nice work.