Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, February 14, 2013


by Tom Hatch

Strung together these letters are pearls
Spun into bright words
Around your lovely neck resting from holding
Smiles from that land of orchids where
Love books glow different colors from page to page
Flipping thru a rainbow reflects on the outer
Mist of sultry clouds of life with you belongs to us

On the rise of soft breasts become these words
Before they are written my life with you perhaps
There are angels in these words of pearls resting
In my life with you on arms and wrists of
Passion above your head the string of pearls
Clasped in submissions tablet with words
In mother of pearl our time is in your hands

Of your breathing inhaled movement
The velvet light of Vermeer across
Your back lays the sentences of your
Splendor, loveliness vast of centuries
Past and future cultures learn and learned
From your vocabulary of a naked empress
Kallos in Greek, breagha in Scottish
As the heavens welcome our moon
That become many full into the words
A necklace wrapped around us pearls
That brings a message of my life with you
The birds of two the swans of two
At swim two birds

Mirrored in lake of fresh water pearls
Your long neck image reflected words in water
With origins of the middle ages are pearls
Of history along length of downy swan neck
Stroking with tender greed of words
Stroking with tender greedy hands
In my head soon to be part of the pearls
Popping out one after the other to live
In your place of moist petals

Fingering the pearls of these words strung
Around you in me and my life with you
Your toes are pearls to your
Magnetic eyes are pearls tricking
Me in seconds change to pearls of go
Ahead do it to me with me
With pearls of words
Solidly the pearls have become
A sword cutting passion

A necklace queened as I hold
My largest pearl ever is you
For you but then you stand
Behind me but then in front with me
Proximity of pearls slaves
It has to be written here there
Are words never spoken that are
The finest pearls as whispered
Secrets never told it does not
End here as pearls are round
Eternity in galaxy to galaxy
From man and woman
Here on earth you and me
Hold and told of pearls
The universe lasting saying forever
The indifference and indolence
Gone, gone to become lasting love for all
As pearls are around us all

Laying upon our back till mornings
Stops a beginning that has no end

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