Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pleasure of Mr. Peanut

by Tom Hatch

It was a simple question
How far is his dark blue full moon lid
from your heart?
On a running leap from your picture next to
The can of deluxe nuts with 50%
Less peanuts that is your pleasure?
Next to each other on the desk falling for your love
Mr. Peanut winks from the can
In each others arms giggling smiling in that picture
A soft landing breathing into each others
Inhaling and exhaling peanut breath
In the pleasure of 50% less peanuts more pecans and such
As you walk down the road with
Mr. Peanut holding his cane and top hat
You look so funny with
the monocle and raised little finger
You did not stay with him long
Coming back for me to lick your sea salt was fantastic

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