Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


by Tom Hatch

It's not so bad We all stand around in formal dress
Holding martini glasses and Champagne glasses
Someone down here negotiated this
And the style changes are very fast keeping up with the latest fashion
We get these at the store Black Friday's Horror of High Fashion
we chat as demons with flaming Eyes rip at our conversation causing run on sentences and stuttering
When we feel like smiling or laughing the ones with flaming hair
Poke us in the eyes causing tears which we drink out of our glasses
Holding these in cocktail party fashion this is better than
Before I was told this was negotiated
By some of the best that hell is full of...bartering bastards
We only had to read Paradise Lost and not mention God or his son
This was not easy while they clipped our toe nails down
To the red quick but we soon began to take the laughter and
Smiles as tears which we love to drink out of our cocktail glasses
And repeat to Satan you are right it is better to reign in
Hell than serve in heaven as we sip our smile of dripping tears

Then there are the doubting moments the dust of fighting
Male lions while lioness waits in heat the dust does not settle
Until there is a victor
We are in the under brush in interrupted from our devilish
Cocktail party
We wish those lions would go away
And get along later she will give birth to cubs
With horns that howl men's voices
The tears of sadness we drink from our glasses

We hear there is another fitful negotiation tactic in the hopper
They will separate us from those nasty lions and their dreadful cubs of
Howling men's voices if we recite the book of Job with Satan as God and God as Satan
Satan's felonies point of view got us here in the first place so that was not hard to do
All I want are tears to drink from cocktail glasses in haute couture
Next to demons
With flaming eyes and hair that make me cry
Ah! to drink a martini of wit that causes more stuttering tears

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