Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Forget Cooking Tonight, Baby!!!!

by Paul Tristram

 Finish up your shopping in the supermarket
whilst I'm finishing my 2nd beer and 1st cigar
 in this Wintertime beer garden across the road.
 It's not raining for a change!
We'll put the shopping bags in the car
and leave it parked where it is.
 I want to hold hands with you again
just like we did when we were a-courting
and stroll through this shining neon city.
 I want to kiss you with alcohol and excitement
dancing upon our eager breath again.
 I want to put on my top hat and have you slide a dress
 (which we've only just shoplifted!)
over your jeans and take you to the Opera.
 Then afterwards we’ll sit in the gutter
of the red-light district sharing a KFC,
dribbling hot chicken gravy all over my crotch
as we roll back and fore.
 Laughing like demented children in a crazy circus
as the working girls blow kisses at us
as they pass and say "Awwwww!"
 I want to take you to that midnight burger shack
down by the harbour and cast a handful of coins
and wishes into the blind harmonica player’s tip-cap.
Borrow his harp off him for just 4 and a half minutes
so I can blow magical, musical kisses all over your head.
 Shake those ringlets around your shoulders
and open up that birthday present smile,
show me once again the reason that I made you my wife. x

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