Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Timeline Soup

by John Pursch

Fitting a cape with codfish undercoats, whereabouts ascend to hijinks, swirling bronze goddesses in geodesic domes, fueling accordions with seedy troughs. Handset mumblers peck away at packaged eels, swarm the deli, and peer through mannequin eggs, scaling the watercress to hubris unknown, popping minor chords from margarine flues and chimp kneepads, interring subway Tennysons in ember gleams of wrought-iron haystack ploys. Unwashed grammar feeds an air-conditioned mime, emptying the sunlight of sworn legions. Garbled outrage claims to decompose in trashbag bliss, crying out for handmade steel. Carvings grate with pickled laughter, lunching on spoken heat, grinding up a roadie’s parried hint. Crammed into sliding odors, mired beneath giblets of moth, patricians reheat the party fakers, faxing alluvial entrails, crusting dislocated soldiers with kindergarten naps. Nautical anthropoids wheel and careen, from darkest past to Kong’s dead calm, vainly antiseptic in their fleeting autonomic blues, severing the whole grain texture, grieving under wadded cauliflower’s stooped embrace. Pinging octets cast away a noble federation, stalking Pyrex heirlooms for rutabaga leash batons, fishing fabled wino chalk from checkered anklet firs. Gentle cafeteria lumps despoil a handy morsel’s cadence crime, vitiating pollen memes with liposuction dregs. Howitzers drag an itsy spittle’s rotund commotion crank, spurting lacquered commas, blinding pale noshers with salient shoehorn spears. Licentious sycophants marble ateliers with Swiss moccasins, vetting undulations till frottage calms the comely ewer. Spelling bans employ addicted crates, ratcheting feared oysters in porcine plaster gowns, groping ordinary welshers. Crepe endives inquire at cached oliphant troughs, quoting acquisition bleats to stenciled silence, filtering fruition’s hurdle. Havens rupture tollhouse crackers, grazing a steed’s primeval oomph with cornrow mallets. Blankets toss a sailing ship above beheaded stories, cashing timeline soup for breadbox gore, sacking helipad symbols for spray-can treaties. Plywood trains encircle tufa liners, marching to a faucet’s sand. Windows blister and peel, striping enchiladas with dollops of merchant news. Stormy trousers flit across the dunes, gamboling legless, flaring into campsite fires, centering pastel giraffes in rational pleats. Population contrails waft below a fluent river’s phonemes, sprinkling commotion with turgid ice disease.

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