Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, November 18, 2012

God Took Sunday Off

by Frank Larnerd

Standing in the checkout line
I glance at magazines
Pretty people on the covers
Living out their dreams

Snooki’s got a beach house
Lord, she’s doing fine
Lady Gaga’s got some brand new shoes
Paris is high on weed and wine

They’re living free and easy
While I’m working like a slave
I’m buying toilet plungers
While Lindsay’s sins are all forgave

I’ve got four cinder blocks
A shovel and a rake
Jumbo box of kitty litter
And some stuff for birthday cake

Lord, I thank you kindly
For doing all you’ve done
But had you worked just one more shift
I’d be out there having fun

Perhaps dancing with the stars
Or on a yacht way out in Cannes
And everybody run to read
‘bout my brand new diet plan

‘stead I’ve got a buggy full of chores
And a baby with a cough
My life could use repairing
Since God took Sunday off

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