Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Letters to America from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

by Kufre Udeme

Letter Number 1

If you aren't seeing it, you're blind
If you aren't saying it, you're dumb
That tower of power is about to crumble
If you aren't hearing the cracking sound, you're deaf
If you aren't running away, you're a cripple
America is about to fall!

I saw it in my dream
I woke up and it stared me in the face
Echoes of sorrows rings in my ears
Vision of tomorrow bursts in my head
United States of America, you'll be destroy!

Your sin has become unbearable
You coated the world with white paint
But suddenly you deface it with charcoal
Your wickedness has run over the Almighty's cup of mercy
The flood of your abominations will sweep you like sandy!

Letter Number 2

Mene tekel peres
United States of America
Like the days of corn in the farm
So are your days numbered with finger tips
No matter how wild a candle glows
Mene tekel peres
The wick and wax will come to naught

Weighed on heavenly scale
You have not measure up to God's standard
Mene tekel peres
Prepare, you city of abominations
Your reign is coming to an end

Or soak yourself in ashes
Perhaps the Creator will show mercy
Mene tekel peres
Your time of rule is limited, Western Nineveh
The wind of the Almighty's wrath is coming after you, repent!

Kings and Queens on Mount Everest
Are you greater than Nebuchadnezzar?
Babylon of the present, be not as foolish as a calf
Who thought himself mightier than a lion
Mene tekel peres
Like Sodom and Gomorrah
The Creator will destroy you.

Letter Number 3

America, mind your step
Watch it closer than time
Watch it since you must

America, listen to me
No heart thinks of you like mine
O, what whisper of love!

America, here I come
To loosen your cruel grip
Break the spell of dirty influence
You've casted upon holy people

America, stage of hell
'Despise not sons of gods'
'Insanity mustn't be here alone,' you protest

America swallow your menacing policy
Of no amity for souls not in your crazy order.

America, O America of Christopher Columbus
User of men, war-like, power-hunger

America, mind your step
Watch it closer than time
Watch it since you must
Lest another titanic will sink!

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