Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mabel and Walt

by Donal Mahoney

Mabel and Walt were lovers lying down,
but standing up or sitting around,
they hated each other
even when both were sober.
The kids will vouch for that
provided you can find them
these many decades later.
I saw those kids 30 years ago,

on a gray Thanksgiving Day,
scattering like wasps from a hive
blown from an eave by a storm.
They ran in different directions
far from their ancient trailer.
Wherever they went
no one seems to know.
But now they'll turn up,

you can bet on that,
once they find out Mabel
shot Walt and then herself.
The Will startled all the locals.
Quite a bit of money,
according to the town lawyer.
He's offering a big reward
to anyone who finds the kids.

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