Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elvis and Jayne hit the highway searching for the last Injun tribe

by Jay Levon

If I looked like Elvis
and you Jayne Mansfield
then together we could
drive this tall-finned
straight off the rails,
out past the new territories
and into the shadow southlands
where the Red Man will still
scalp a motherfucker
for looking at his lady with
anything more than a
"pardon me ma'am,"
look in his eyes.

Out there men
are unencumbered
the stock market,
fast food,
or any of what passes
for progress.

I'm hoping my black hair
and dark complexion
will gain me their acceptance,
and being accompanied
by your Jayne Mansfield
double-D's and ass built for
sex-fuck-sin can't hurt either.

Read me some Sartre baby,
it's time to take this hi-way
by force.

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