Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Revenge is sw-wet (A True Story)

Claudia Rey

The lady had to host a party
for the Italian nuncio
and his Iraqi counterpart.
Although reluctantly,
she took care of everything:
tables in the garden, outdoor lights,
well trained waiters, correct food,
non-alcoholic drinks.
The night was perfect.
Sweet-smelling roses
dark sky full of stars
a sliver of moon
reflecting in the swimming pool.
And along the pool
the receiving line.
The ambassador and his wife
his vice and wife
the nuncio
various authorities
the lady’s husband
and herself.
Was she distracted?
Did she forget for a moment
all the golden rules? Who knows…
When the black-clad
white-turbaned group
arrived in front of her
she held out a welcoming hand.
The ayatollah, very briefly,
looked at her with pure revulsion.
Heavens! A woman trying to touch him!
He took a horrified step backwards
and fell in the swimming pool.
A heavy silence ensued
soon broken by the lady’s high
irrepressible laughter.
The followers fished the guy
out of the pool
and away they took him
dripping and furious.
Then the ambassador - God bless him -
smiled at the lady. “ My dear” he said
“you’ve just made my evening!”
The party was a success.

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  1. Claudia, this story is as hilarious as the day you told it to me in person and I look forward to hearing it again in October! We miss you!