Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

But Liquor’s Quicker & Doesn’t Cost as Much

by James Babbs

when I saw her she was crying
looking down at the cell phone in her hand
I kept thinking
what an attractive girl she was
the kind of woman that made you ache
just looking at her
but I hadn’t fucked anybody in a long time
so that may have had something to do with it
I went over and asked her
if she needed some help
she said looking up
seeing me for the first time
I don’t know
she said looking me over
I wasn’t anything to write home about
as far as looks went
but I wasn’t the worst looking guy in the world
she said
my car died and I was
trying to call my parents
I told her
she hesitated
like she was weighing something in her mind
but I didn’t know what it was
finally she said
we don’t really get along
my parents I mean
I’ve been trying to move out
I said
oh, I see
I pretended to look at
the watch I wasn’t wearing
I said
I can give you a ride and
if you want to
you can stay at my place
until you get things figured out
she told me her name was Candy
I asked her if she’d like to get a drink first
before we went to get her things
she smiled and said
she could certainly use one
I decided to take her to
this little out-of-the-way place
on the outskirts of town
it was nice and quiet and
they made the drinks strong
I think everybody in there
wanted to fuck Candy
when we walked into the place
including the women
she was definitely a good-looking girl
a hell of a lot better than most of the women
I was usually able to attract
we had one drink
then two drinks and three drinks and
it was almost midnight
when I told Candy
we should go get her things
she kissed me
pushing her tongue into my mouth
she said
okay and
I heard her laugh
we got up and helped each other to the car
Candy kept trying to give me
the directions to her parents’ house
but every time I followed them
she told me this wasn’t it
after about an hour of this
we made it to the right place
I parked on the street and
told her I’d wait in the car
Candy gave me a sloppy kiss
told me she wouldn’t be very long
I looked at the house
saw some lights come on
I heard voices
about twenty minutes later
Candy came out carrying two suitcases
I got out and put them in the trunk
Candy said
I’ll be right back
she disappeared into the house again
this time I didn’t hear any voices
I guess they had said
all they wanted to say
Candy came back to the car
we drove to my place
I carried the suitcases into the house
Candy pulled a wad of bills from her purse
she said
I stole my Mom’s emergency fund
Candy laughed
she keeps it in the freezer
wrapped up in aluminum foil
she doesn’t think anybody knows about it
I put an SOS pad in its place
and put the whole thing back in the freezer
Candy laughed again
won’t she be surprised
I took Candy to my bedroom
showed her where she could put her stuff
I told her it was getting late and
I was really tired
Candy gave me another kiss
a long slow one
I got undressed and climbed into bed
Candy put some of her stuff away
I hear her in the bathroom
I must have fallen asleep
when I woke up the room was dark
I felt Candy breathing next to me
I looked at the clock
I’d been asleep for a couple of hours
I pushed up against Candy
she murmured something and
I went back to sleep
in the morning
Candy gave me a wake-up call
she started by sucking my cock
then she climbed on top of me and
rode me all the way to the end
we showered together
I took my time washing Candy’s tits
I made sure they were nice and clean
I asked her what she wanted for breakfast
she said
nothing special
I made us scrambled eggs and toast
I put on some coffee
but Candy didn’t drink any
I told her we could go see about her car today
I had it towed to the garage
I took my car to
they told me it would be five hundred dollars
something about the distributor
I pulled out my credit card
handed it to the guy behind the counter
for about a month things were good
we went to bed each night and
in the morning Candy gave me her wake-up call
then the shower and breakfast
but once Candy had her car back
she started leaving after we were done eating
telling me she had things to do and
she’d see me later that night
one night when I came home
Candy’s car was already in the driveway
when I came into the house
I heard noises coming from the bedroom
I walked back there and
there was Candy on the bed
up on all fours getting fucked from behind
by some guy with long stringy hair
I didn’t say anything
just grabbed the guy and
pulled him away from Candy
I threw him to the floor
before kicking him in the balls
I heard him yelp and his dick went limp
like the air being let out of a balloon
the guy started gathering up his clothes
I guess he was a lover not a fighter
Candy started apologizing to me
throwing her arms around me and
rubbing her naked body against my own
but I tore her loose and
pushed her back onto the bed
the lover was already gone
I got Candy’s suitcases out
started throwing her stuff into them
she said
let’s talk about this
I kept filling up the suitcases
while she followed me around saying
wait wait
when I was done
I took the suitcases to the front door and
threw them outside
then I went and got Candy
she was pulling the sheet from the bed around her
I picked her up and
carried her to the front door
she was still saying wait
beating on me with her fists
she lost the sheet and
I pushed her outside
locked the front door
I heard her on the other side
screaming and swearing at me
then she was quiet for a long time
a few minutes later
she knocked on the door
in a calm voice she said
I don’t have my keys
I found them in the living room
I opened the door just enough to toss them to her
she had put some clothes on
I heard her car start up
listened to it drive away
I went to the kitchen
pulled some whiskey from
the cupboard above the stove
poured some in a glass
drank it down
poured me some more
there was moonlight coming through the window
a calm permeating the room
I wasn’t thinking about Candy
I wasn’t thinking about her anymore
I was just sitting there
touching the bottle lightly with my fingers
wondering how long it had been
since I’d gotten really drunk