Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dark Corridor

by Sarah E. White

The wind was screaming, screaming her name
Nothing was blocking the frigid air from her soft white skin
She was running down a dark corridor of trees
Their black jagged limbs seemed to reach out and grab her
Exhausted she continued to run through the thick dampness that enveloped her body
Cold chills now covered her skin
Her heart was racing with fear, as she ran through the darkness
She breathed heavy as she struggled for breath.
Feeling so alive until a loud hollow sound snatched her away
Away to this painful place
The tiger’s claws now piercing her skin with reality
She’s fully awake as he bites down on her neck
The veracity of that pain shooting through her
Terminal illness
Could nothing be darker?
She longed for sleep to come
She wanted to drift off into the quietness
In her dreams she felt alive, her illness made damn sure of that
She was now going to return to her beautiful world of darkness
Pain would grip her life no more
The small bottle of pills so delicately placed by her bedside
Would do the job without any question
She took twenty, as she planned so long to do
Her dreams had only taken her so far
But soon she would be free
The corridor of trees led to freedom, and she did not want to be interrupted


  1. This poem speaks to those who know pain--to all of us and particularly to me who watched my brother in his last days.