Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, May 15, 2011


by Noah Langlois

What starts your beatless heart?
Emotion is the broken part,
You’re an old drunk man throwing a dart,
And hitting the bar wall,
Hoping it would fall.
You cold small porcelain doll,
Wouldn’t give a damn if I walk or crawl,
Or die in this forgotten hall,
I got a phone but no one to call,
And nothing to say after all.
So I just drink to you,
My slim and tall modern masterpiece,
In your thousand dollar gold silk fleece,
While I shoot up so all the pain will cease,
And you rail lines for the thrill increase.
But don’t worry, I’ll foot the bill,
One more stride ‘til I’m over the hill.
You couldn’t be bothered with who you kill,
So long as you get your daily fill,
And to our diets we add a few new pills,
But mine’s to numb and yours is for fun.
And I dreamed once that I could run,
Into the center of the sun,
And burst into a perfect flame,
And be a dark god no one could tame,
And I’d get all the money and fame,
And the world would never be the same,
But even then you probably wouldn’t notice me.

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