Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throughout the Beginning of Social History

by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Throughout the beginning of social history,
Yaacov’s sons distinguished here as holy.
The ways of prayer would cover all. No
Bashing, no exclusivity, no slurs; just unity.

Contemporary settlers’ demographics, too,
Amass thinking, speaking, acting towards
Each other as balance against muddled facets,
Quantifiably garnering lives free from canards.

Honor, again and again, gleans conscience,
Behooves cleaving to forefathers’ wisdoms,
Provides an ongoing purchase of miracles,
In local buildings glistening with sandstone.

Decebrate postures, those funky oppositions,
Faith improperly functioning, trendy rhetoric,
Disobedience to The Book, The Boss, Truth,
Omit vital spiritual nutrients, clinch iniquity.

When all of the nations turn against Israel,
Reflecting predawn eternity, we’ll run, greet
Messiah’s world without dressed up religion.
From the straits, we’ll call upon The Name.

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