Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lake Effect

by John Ottley Jr.,

Just a tiny yellow mist
in our pristine Oregon lake.
They’re going to empty
60,000 gallons of clear mountain water
into the Pacific
just because security cameras caught a guy
tinkling in it.

Guess they don’t film moose
lumbering in here stiff-legged to bottom feed.
They just let everything go when they feel like it.

Foxes lift their legs every time they pass.
And bears—you should see those hairy dudes unload
while they wait to scoop one of us up for lunch.

Raccoons and lynxes don’t do it in the lake,
but you can bet their business leaches in on us
come the next rain.

And, hey, we rainbow trout:
all we eat is bugs but, even then, every so often
we gotta…well, you know.

Wait’ll the lake bed’s dry and we’re flopping
and gasping for breath.
Yeah, eagles will snatch up a few of us, but the rest:
talk about your genocide.
Eventually the lake will refill, but, man
that water’s going to taste fishy for years.

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