Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Dipsomaniac
to the devoted drinkers of my native kerala

by MP Anand

I have an irresistible desire for alcohol.
I drink till I fall.
Everyone says it is toxic
But it intoxicates
And opens the gate to a sphere
Where there is no pain or fear.
Alcohol has since time immemorial
Made its drinkers revel and reel.

I live without an aim
No big targets to tame.
Alcohol is my bane.
It set my life on  the
And carved my name in the alcohol of fame.  
By Greek Dionysus and Roman Bacchus
I reek and roam and carouse with booze.

Drunk am I to the brink
When I lie without the power to rise or drink
Too many drinks on the rocks
Have landed my life on the rocks

The writing is on the wall
I will die before all.
I am waiting for His call.
Still I don’t have the gall
To give up alcohol.  
Brandy, whisky, beer, rum
I take them as they come.                                    
From scotch to arrack
I consume till I get a whack
And hit the sack .

By the Holy spirit
I will drink this spirit
Till I become a spirit .
This is my way of becoming spiritual.

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  1. That's great, man . Well said. Kerala is the no.1 consumer of alcohol in India.The bottle culture dominates every rung of the social
    ladder cutting all religious and economic barriers.