Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Donning Tallisims

by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Confusing religious symbols with laws,
Wearing icons, but not donning tallisims,
Means, ultimately, using selvedge to ornament.

Commentary on Aristotle, or on Tisias/Corax,
When wrung out by middle-aged moms,
Sings the wonders of gravitas hedgehogs.

Select departments’ found materials craftsmen,
Like fathers returning from sugar caning,
Give the finger to civility’s appurtenances.

Naïve fellows learn ways to deconstruct,
If speaking balderdash with university students.
Mimetic to a one, they generate cosmic tumult.

Some affirmative debaters miss, during cross-x,
Social seams joining voguing friends, elephant tusks,
Idolized triptychs, vacant bedrooms, winning lotteries.

Rubicons, east of The Missouri, bring
Timeshare tips to retired villagers wont to catch
Swinging caffeine-free artists’ consciousness.

Recusal, maybe scholarships in photography,
Addiction, obdurate women, office music,
All remain accessible to teens and twenties.

Accordingly, working as a science writer
Continues on better than reviving twinned poems;
Tumid prose rarely attracts markets’ evil luck.

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