Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dressing Gown Days

by David Mac

She said, ‘We’re just flesh and bone.
Don’t you know?’              

I said, ‘You’ve got no heart.’

She said, ‘Don’t start.’

‘Well, what’s the matter?’

‘I’ll tell you later,
 in a day or two,
when we’ve had chance to grow,
when we’re both a little older.’

‘Ah, promises, promises, promises.’

Everything will come in the future.

She kissed me goodbye and went to work.
Another day in my dressing gown
as I sat and looked at the day begin.

I thought: I’ve never forgotten to wake up yet, I’ve
never forgotten to keep breathing.
I’ve never missed one single day of life yet!
Surely there must be some kind of
reward due me.

It isn’t here yet…

Maybe I’ll check the post. Maybe I’ll
wait a little longer.

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