Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Drinking coffee out of paper cups with plastic lids

by Andrew Taylor

The lemons are from Turkey
                                          container enters
motorway corridor

pace gather a sense of runway

strip light replacement
                                      across point ghost tunnel

river gradient
glow of ink shine of ink

condensation on the inside of a plastic lid


take the technical work it through

there is the possibility of a rainbow

first encounter
                           river view

Tom would take the commuter ferry
in early evening mist

wait! the office is not yet open
by chance the cup is brewing

pilgrimage seven streets expanded
views from the floor

neon of Exchange Bar reflection
               leaves tambourine tumble

knee high boots weather
accordion stops
                    tail end of hurricane
or is it a severe storm

between March and December
                                                  annual communication

carve your useless names
                    before the storm gods

here they are!

don’t wear corduroy before your time
keep paper cuts clean
make sure not to slag people off in poems

you will be plagiarised

‘Welton began to bore me
                                         Matthew began to bore me’

Don’t drink Gin in the winter

the young won’t get it the young won’t get it
tell us what you want and tell us what you need

Listening to Scott Walker
it really should be played
in a rented house in Bootle
on Mordaunt Shorts

reading a big paper

# 66 but the bottle is #12131

The fence has been cut
                     it burns with a crack
sparks rise like bubbles in a vintage glass

the blanket is for coverage
stay with it buddy boy!

run to the grocery
unless you want frozen pizza

I'll fix you some coffee

Oh we're all out of it
you had rather a lot last night

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