Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


by Bradford Middleton

I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my life
But nothing compares to the time I decided
To move my life back home by train
From Stoke to London with four bags to haul
All my worldly goods on my back and in my hands
The records, the books, the clothes
It’s all too much for my puny body to handle
But onward I go to the first departure point

The bus into town to the train station
Where the ticket inspector looks aghast
As I stumble onto the concourse
Hoping there is enough time to smoke
A big strong roll-up to send me on my way
Back to the civilization of London town
Once it’s smoked I look up again and
See the train pulling into the platform

Onto the train I clamber
Pulling my stuff behind me
I find a double seat near a luggage drop
And systematically fill it up
With all my gear before I
Sit back, relax and finally snooze
The train takes off but I’m too
Tired to move so just sit back and sleep

Two hours later and we are there
Friday lunchtime and the madness of Euston train station
I have to get my stuff down to the tube
And it’s here I realise I’m really back in London
People all around me ignore my obvious need
For assistance and even barge past me
In a rush to get somewhere important
I stumble on through the tunnels and then onto the tube

Hurtling out of town to a place I’ve never been
This place will be my new home for a while
But to where from here I’m not sure
As the tube arrives I again crawl out of the carriage
Onto the platform and over to the stairs
Where I clamber up and hope the walk isn’t too far
This place will be my domicile for a while
But to where from here I’ve no idea

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