Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


by Jeremiah Walton

Woodshift helix burn holes
plushy pink mind landscape aflame
Shoe in the head
coherent thought stomped
Weak cohesive glue psyche together
Only for Now, but this Now is much too eternal!
Self induced seizures, rattling subjective beads of group
Who's bad trip is tripping up who?
Sleep sleep sleep
Sheep bark stripping naked refusing their numbers
Rearing the farmer's sheers in revolution
Revolt! Revolt! Revolt!
Cut and twist brain cells into knots of understanding
Misunderstanding! Our God-head is beheaded!
Guillotined shoulders bleed cries of eternity, farts of
existence, sputter of the asshole mouth
Teenagers deep in perception Armageddon
"Please, dear writer, write my final thoughts...
I know what is happening... This is our end..."
I feel the Great Sleep riding in from Edge-City
Driven by spiritual spinal chord
We've stayed too long
The end will never end
When was the beginning?
The room spliced in Red and Blue
Contrary counterparts
Red TV senses bombardment, gushing inwards
background thought’s vocal chords warn of calamity
Light or dark? heavy light switch pendulum flicks
bbbbaaaccckkk aaannnddd !fooorrrttthh
lost in the updown bounce of lunatic laughter
Why is he rolling along the carpet’s erect hair? Cutting
patterns, laughing laughing laughing
Who's looking in the mirror now?
Make sure they leave the knife upstairs
Fire of breath couples up within our lungs
We are burning alive, gasoline baking dough expecting
sweet bread
Every Thought born panics into death
Chairs wiggle wobble dance
showing unity of what?
Unity of new reality and old, space and time perception
stretched before in white holes vomiting existence
upon our outstretched tongues and cheeks
We are dying in the basement of Existence
Mother upstairs unAware

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